When to Drink Water for Weight Loss (Cold Water vs Hot Water)

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Everyone knows that water is so much important if you are running in the race of weight loss. Water has a number of benefits, consuming a good amount of water helps relieve constipation and reduces bloating. Water, having almost zero calories makes you feel full that helps to balance your calorie intake. But there are many questions in mind like cold water or hot water should we drink for weight loss. Why does water help in weight loss? This article is the answer to all your questions. Keep scrolling to know when to drink water for weight loss.

Why Water for Weight Loss?

There is no doubt that water is one of the most necessary liquid for the human body. There are several reasons in support of water for weight loss that explain why water is important for weight loss.

Appetite Suppressant: It is most likely believed that you don’t feel hungry when you think you feel hunger. You are likely to mistake it for thirst. So before you reach out to grab something to eat, have a glass of water, it will do the work.

Calorie Burn: Coldwater intake enhances calorie-burning benefits as the body expends energy/calories by heating water for digestion.

Remove Toxins: While the organ retains essential nutrients and electrolytes through water, the kidney filters the toxins. Water helps keep the toxin move.

Energy Booster: All important nutrients required by your cells are delivered through the water in your body.

Improves Digestion: It helps in constipation and abdominal issues and helps move the digestion process along through the system.

Detoxification: Adequate hydration helps move out toxins faster and improves the functioning of the kidney. Inadequate hydration leads to poor kidney functioning.

Fat Burn: Inadequate intake of water leads to improper metabolism of stored fats /carbohydrates. Drinking enough water is essential for burning off fat from food and drink and as well as stored fat.

When should I drink hot water for Weight Loss?

  • Some studies claim that drinking water before a meal helps to lose weight.
  • You can also drink water before breakfast that reduces the number of calories consumed during the meal.
  • Drinking half a liter of water before a meal improves metabolism by 30%. Drinking hot water increases metabolism by 40% which lasts up to 30-40 minutes.

Which one is the best for weight loss? Hot water vs cold water

Hot water and cold water both have their own benefits but hot water is proved to have more advantages over cold water. Both have zero calories so it doesn’t really matter but looking at the bright side, hot water before a meal helps losing weight fast as compared to cold water.
How much water do you need to drink

There is no standard recommendation for how much water to drink. However, it totally depends on one’s activity level, age, temperature, body size, sun exposure, and health status. Some people require more and some require less.

Water intake recommendation from NAM (National Academy of Medicine) in the US is as follows:

  • 2700 ml/day-adult women
  • 3700 ml/day- adult men

Can you lose belly fat by drinking water?

That stubborn belly fat does require extra attention to get rid off, can water be one of the reasons? Yes, you can lose belly fat by drinking water. Good water intake increases your metabolism which helps in weight loss. Drinking a large glass of water before each meal helps you consume fewer calories by food making you feel full for longer.

A study found that if you increase your daily water consumption by 1 cup that may reduce this weight gain by 0.13 kg.

Health benefits of Water

I bet you already know your body is approx 60% water. All your cells, organs, tissues use water to maintain your body temperature and other functions. It relays important to rehydrate your body as it loses water through every action of breathing, sweating, and digestion. Water also helps remove waste from your body through respiration, urination, and defecation.

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F.A.Q.: Water for Weight Loss

How much hot water should I drink a day for weight loss?

As we have discussed that there is no standard recommendation for how much water to drink. But many nutrients expert recommends an adult should drink 2 liter or eight glasses of water a day.

What happens to your body if you only drink water for a couple of days?

At starting your body would not be used to it and will start to retain it. You will consume fewer calories and lose weight. Water flushes out toxins, clears your body and reduces hunger which all results in fat loss.

What happens if you drink nothing but water?

If you ever plan on doing this, Don’t. Drinking nothing but water can cause overhydration and leads to water intoxication. Where too much consumption of water lowers your sodium level which is clearly dangerous of any of us.

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